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"I have worked with Chris professionally at DreamWorks animation and have known him personally for many years  and am thrilled he is presenting instruction for aspiring animators. He definitely knows his stuff and his professionalism blends beautifully with his raw creative talent. Chris is an asset to the industry and anyone wanting to learn the art of animation."
        -Conrad Vernon, Director, Shrek 2, Monsters vs. Aliens, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
"Successful CG character animation is achieved by a creative mind able to clear technically challenging hurdles to carry out their intended vision. Chris is a perfect example of this, and is one who seeks out the challenge. I would encourage you to watch how Chris achieves this, as he demonstrates his approach on everything from the basics of a bouncing ball, to advanced techniques of character performance."
       -Jason Reisig, Head of Character Animation, Shrek Forever After, Home

"Chris is an amazing artist, able to apply timeless animation principles to the newest of technologies and bring characters to life. Here at DreamWorks, we don't assign characters to a single animator. Which meant on "Over the Hedge," animators had to master the individual traits of a dozen different animals and personalities. Chris did a lot of heavy lifting on the movie, shifting seamlessly from one character's gestures to another's, bringing each one to vibrant life with specific acting intent. His knowledge is priceless."
        -Tim Johnson, Director, Antz, Over the Hedge, Home
"Chris has that rare and terrific blend of both technical know-how and creative ingenuity essential to any first class animator.   On Kung Fu Panda Chris took on very challenging shots, always seeking to push himself outside his comfort zone. Chris always found a fresh approach to the material and was able to bring subtly, 
clarity and genuine spontenaity to his actors' performances."

        -Mark Osborne, Director, Kung Fu Panda, The Little Prince
"Chris is very fluent in the art of animation. Whether it is animating very subtle emotions or commandeering an extremely complex scene with multiple characters performing Kung Fu moves, Chris has the talent, patience and perseverance, assuring every scene he animates is of the utmost quality. In addition to his skill set, Chris has the remarkable ability of presenting his knowledge and experience to many others in a clear, concise and constructive form."
       -Dan Wagner, Head of Character Animation, Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda II, Kung Fu Panda III


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