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Chris Kirshbaum

4729 Rue Garnier

Montreal QC H2J 3S6

(438) 880-5150



Education                  AA Character Animation – California Institute of the Arts.

                                     BA Fine Arts – Arizona State University; concentration in drawing.


Experience                Animation Director, D Negative, September 2021-Present.

                                     Projects: Under the Boardwalk, Nimona (supervisor).


                                     Lead Animator, Cinesite, April 2020-September 2021.

                                     Projects: Blazing Samurai (animator), Hitpig.

                                     Animation Director, Cinesite, March 2019-April 2020.

                                     Project: Riverdance.

                                     Animation Instructor, NAD Center, Montreal, September 2017-Present.

                                     Classes: Special Projects and Mentoring.


                                     Visiting Faculty, Tianjin University of Technology, May 2017.

                                     Character Supervisor and Animation Lead, Cinesite, May 2015-March 2019.

                                     Projects: Charming, Gnome Alone, The Star, Trouble, Fearless, The Addams

                                     Family (animator).

                                     Teacher,, 2011-2016.

                                     Classes taught: Advanced Body Mechanics, Full Body Acting.


                                     Teacher, the Gnomon School of Digital Effects, 2007-2015.

                                     Classes taught: Character Animation I, II, III and Acting for Animation.

                                     Senior Character Animator, DreamWorks Animation, 2003-2015.

                                     Projects: Shark Tale, Flushed Away, Over the Hedge, Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda I and II,                                             Monsters vs. Aliens, Puss in Boots, Madagascar 3, Turbo, Sherman and Peabody, Home,                                               Penguins of Madagascar, B.O.O.


                                     Special Effects Animator, DreamWorks Animation, 1997-2002.

                                     Projects: Sinbad--Legend of the Seven Seas, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,

                                     The Prince of Egypt (key assistant), The Road to El Dorado (key assistant).

                                     Assistant Special Effects Animator, Turner Feature Animation, 1992-1996.

                                     Projects: The Pagemaster, Cats Don’t Dance.


Published                   Content Creator/Producer:

                                     Online instructional tutorial for the Gnomon Workshop: Shifting Gears, 2024.
                                                                  Three part animation instructional DVD for the Gnomon 

                                     Fundamentals, Mechanics and Emotion, and Acting and Lip Sync, 2008.


Public Speaking       Numerous internal training sessions at Cinesite, 2017-2021.

                                     Live presentation of 'The Goal and the Obstacle' at effectsMTL, September 2017.

                                     Live speaking engagements on Industry Survival, Pixel Montreal and Quebec City,

                                     September 2016.

                                     Live lecture on professional environment and career realities, Clackamas Community

                                     College, Portland OR, April 2015.

                                     Live process/workflow demo at Clackamas Community College, Portland OR, April 2012.                                           Live process/workflow demo at the Universidad de Fortaleza, Brazil, September 2011.

                                     Live process/workflow demo at the Gnomon Workshop Live, Hollywood CA, July 2009.


Personal                     Extensive travel through India, Nepal, Thailand, Egypt, China, Europe and South America.

                                     Avid distance runner and musician.


References                 David Soren, Director, Turbo, Under the Boardwalk

                                     Nick Bruno, Co-Director, Nimona

                                     Troy Quane, Co-Director, Nimona

                                     Tim Johnson, Director, Home, Over the Hedge

                                      Jason Ryan, Animation Director, Cinesite

                                      Ryan Schaller, Animation Director, Cinesite

                                      Fabio Lignini, Head of Character Animation, DreamWorks Animation

                                      Dave Burgess, Animation Supervisor, Animal Logic

                                      Rex Grignon, President/CEO, Nimble Collective

                                      Jason Reisig, Co-Director, Smallfoot

                                      Tom McGrath, Director, Madagascar 3, Penguins of Madagascar


Further                      password: ck_reel



@2022 Chris Kirshbaum
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